He Tells His Dog He Can’t Have A Bite Of His Sandwich. The Dog Proceeds To Throw A Hilarious Tantrum

His name is Dinky the Great Dane. And when he wants your attention, he’s going to get it. He’s not a subtle pooch. He will be loud, he will be aggressive. He will get your attention!

Oh, and if Dinky does not get his way? You are in for a temper tantrum of epic Great Dane proportions! What better way to set the Dinkster off than by an incredible smelling meat and cheese sandwich!

Growls, whines, this guy wants a bite big time! Then he will go into the deep rumbles and you know he means business. Nevertheless, Dinky has an owner who wants him to earn that bite. He just needs to say “I love you” first. Indeed he finally does and he gets his craving!

Meanwhile we have Romeo and Peanut, another Great Dane and a smaller dog. They join in on the act, but their approach is far more polite than the Dink-Meisters obnoxious style of begging. They simple sit and wait stoically, knowing their turn will be soon.

Indeed they all get their treats and finally Dinky the Dane is quiet!

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Source: pappabuzz.com