Shelter Rescues This Cat, Then Realizes It Has A Special Gift For Comforting Other Sick Animals

This amazing black cat was brought in with horrible conditions that looked like he would not end up surviving. His name is Ramadenes and he not only survived, but he turned into a healer.

Upon recovery, Ramadenes suddenly began giving loving attention to other animals. Cuddling, massaging and cleaning other animals at the recovery ward. He’s become a celebrity because of his healing ways and people from all over come to visit him.

He survived a respiratory infection. He now lives at a Polish shelter where he assists other animals with loving attention.

It was a miraculous recovery, and right after, he began cuddling and hugging all the other animals there.

It seemed to be a gift that he suddenly had. He especially provided care to animals with surgeries that were serious.

Vets will joke that he is a full-time nurse!

His treatment specialty includes cuddling, massaging, and sometimes even cleaning the other animals!

With the power of touch being proven through studies to be highly beneficial, it seems Ramadenes the black cat has indeed tapped into this and provides his own healing touch to others.

Indeed, cats can be healers too!

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