If You See Your Cat Doing Any Of These Things, They’re Trying To Tell You Something Important

The mystery of cats. They continually have us guessing. Dogs are pretty straight forward. They want something, they let you know. Cats will go through all kinds of subtle hints to try to communicate with you. They even have a special way to tell you they love you! Check this extremely helpful cheat code below to find out exactly what your cat means when they perform a particular behavior.

1. Paw Kneading – While there’s different theories on this, researchers believe that it is a way to return affection. They don’t fully know that their claws may be causing more pain than love though!

2. Bringing Gross “Gifts” – You may have had your cat bring you a dead mouse or bird, and you probably freaked out over it. But it’s actually a gift, showing you how they catch prey, perhaps even trying to teach you!

3. Head Rubs – The classic head rub! They basically mark you as one of their own as they use scent glands in their cheeks and head.

4. Intense Staredowns – Yes, the stare routine! Means that they are indeed comfortable with you. They don’t blink a lot naturally, so it may feel creepy at first, but it’s a positive thing.

5. Exposing Their Belly – This is a big sign of trust as like most animals, cats do not like to be made vulnerable. A belly exposure says that you are alright.

6. Watch The Tail – The real affectionate felines will wrap their tail right around you! In any case, the higher the tail, the more content they are.

7. Nipping – They nip and nibble on humans they favor, as they do when they groom kitties, so it’s a positive thing.

8. Leg Rubs – Another scent marking technique like the head rub that cats use.

9. Purring – They are very satisfied with what you are doing, so they begin to purr.

10. Following You Around – They want to be where you are and really love you when they follow you.

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Source: pappabuzz.com