Mom Believes Her Son Is In Heaven. When A Neighbor Goes Into A Coma, Watch What He Says…

When Rich Kirkpatrick began to get sick, he thought maybe he had the flu. However, his wife Jennifer decided to take the father of two to the hospital. Rich was suffering from a life-threatening illness, his organs were shutting down due to a lack of oxygen. As things turned bleak, Rich began to encounter what his wife describes as a series of miracles, thanks to a few guardian angels. The first miracle occurred when a doctor discovered his infection had eaten away his aortic valve. Then when Jennifer began a prayer chain, it somehow got to Dr. Joseph Sabik. When Dr. Sabik heard the news, he intervened.

“‘I know they told you they’re going to do surgery tomorrow morning, but by then he’ll be dead. I’m going to do surgery now,’” Jennifer recalls Dr. Sabik telling her. The decision saved Rich’s life. Afterward, he was doing well  but then he crashedagain. Jennifer asked her neighbor Terri Bartchak, whose son Blake died in a car accident, to tell Blake to close the gates of heaven so that Rich would come home.

Three days later, after coding almost twice, on Christmas Day, Rich woke up. Rich said he saw Blake and three other family friends who had passed away. They told him it was OK to move on, but Rich declined and woke up. Rich, Jennifer, and Terri believe it’s no coincidence that Rich saw Blake when he died for those few seconds.

“Every possible miracle that occurred, occurred because of those three guardian angels,” Jennifer told Fox 8′s Suzanne Stratford.

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