Man With Cerebral Palsy Has Trouble Eating. Waiter Voluntarily Feeds Him Without Hesitation

Lee Bondurant and his mom, Linda, went out to eat one evening. Little did they know they would receive some special help by one of the employees that would end up making their time one that they will never forget.

A waiter who is also a college student, came to help Lee when he saw that he was having some trouble eating.


It turns out Lee has cerebral palsy. This prevents him from being able to use his hands in order to feed himself. So Linda, the mother, had to switch between eating herself and feeding her son.

The waiter, named Five, noticed this from across the room, and didn’t hesitate to approach the table to offer up assistance.

Linda recalls that the waiter came over and asked Lee if he had ever tried oysters before. Linda goes from there:

“Lee told him he had not. So, [Five] asked [if he] could he serve him his first. It was smooth not to embarrass Lee.”


Lee comments on what happened:

“That was the ultimate kindness he showed me.”

Lee is 51, and naturally is not used to having strangers help him out like this. He works at the grocery store, Krogers, and is pretty much self-sufficient in many areas of life. But eating is indeed the one thing he could use some help with.


Lee saw how genuine the waiter was, thus allowed his help, despite that he is usually very selective when it comes to allowing people to feed him.

Lee again talks about the waiters help:

“I genuinely appreciated what he did, an act of kindness.”

Really goes to show how simple acts like this can go a real long way in making a difference in somebody’s life, while inspiring others to go out of their way to help out as well.

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