Little Girl Invents A Brilliant Device To Prevent Parents From Ever Forgetting Kids In The Car

How many times have you heard of, or have actually seen, a baby or small child being left unattended in a car? While the answer should be zero, sadly many people have indeed heard stories, or even worse, witnessed it themselves.

It’s so dangerous to leave a child in a car. Both temperature concerns and general safety is reason enough why this simply should never occur. So what can be done to curtail this kind of behavior? Turns out a fourth grader has actually come up with a brilliant solution for this very serious problem.


It all went down for the annual school Invention Convention project. It was 4th grader Sophie Rapson who set out to invent something never done before. With the help of mom, they sat around the kitchen table and tried to come up with something unique. After going through idea after idea, Sophie’s mom said:

“The only thing I can think of that REALLY needs to be invented, is something to keep parents from forgetting their babies in the car.”

This created a light bulb on top of little Sophie’s head and from there they went to work.


The construction of the device would be the key factor, and Sophie turned to her dad on how to implement the ideas she had. Sophie thought it was vital to have something that would attach to both parent and child and be flexible enough to stretch due to the different styles and models of cars out there.

Sophie would draw ideas and eventually thought about a stretch cord used along with velcro. The dad discovered that spear fishing stretch cord could be ideal for this. The budget came out to be only 12 dollars for everything.


So how does it work? You attach one end to the car seat of the baby. Then while in the driver seat, you reach back and grab the other end and attach it to your car keys. When you get out of your car, the strap will be attached to the keys and there’s no way you will forget your child is in the back, and any urge to just run out quick to grab something or pop into a store for a second will be prevented.


Sophie’s Baby Forget-Me-Not was eventually created after numerous experiments and trials! An amazing little device that could bring in a whole lot of money if they marketed it. Instead Sophie simply wants to put accessibility and safety first, and thus she is encouraging parents to to just make this device themselves. Check out this video to find out how to make one of these yourself and learn more about the story behind Sophie and her families amazing invention:

Amazing how profit is taking the backseat to safety, by showing everyone how they can cheaply make one of these all by themselves.

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