Innocent Or Naughty: What Do You See In This Optical Illusion?

Optical illusions are designed so that the eyes and the brain disagree on what they’re seeing, something that’s not easy to create when you think about it. Basically, whenever you see one of these illusions your eyes tell your brain exactly what they’re seeing, but due to the nature of the illusion the brain can confuse some of the signals it’s receiving. Sometimes this confusion can cause spots in our vision, also known as floaters, which is how you can differentiate between a true optical illusion and a visual illusion, but they al function off the same premise.

This particular visual illusion is designed to test our personal thoughts and feelings, but if you ask me its to find out who hasn’t been laid in a while and who has!

At first glance you’ll either see the naked body of a curvaceous woman or you’ll notice two stick figures dancing side by side with their arms raised. Depending on which image your brain jumped on first can tell you more about your mental state than you might originally think. With that being said: no one gives a single crap how perverted you are as long as you don’t act like it in public, so it’s not really that big of a deal seeing the naked lady first; although it does show that you may want to hit up Tinder or Grindr more often…