Homeowner Can’t Believe His Eyes When Squirrel Carves A Complete Face In The Pumpkin

Something funky is going on here and I’m not talking about the smell of a rotting pumpkin.

This man left a pumpkin sitting out on a table in his yard and eventually baited a squirrel in, somehow. Whether the squirrel just came to the lone pumpkin of it’s own accord or if it was guided somehow isn’t known, but after watching this short video to the end you’ll understand why it doesn’t really matter regardless. This squirrel seems to know it’s way around a pumpkin already and demonstrates it’s knowledge by carving out pieces of the skin, mouthful by little mouthful! Eventually it manages to carve it’s way through one sizable spot, but after it makes a large enough hole it moves and starts work on another spot.

Eventually the little rodent has three holes carved out and you can kind of see a bowling ball, but it wasn’t done there. This insanely smart critter carved out an entire face in what has to be the first pumpkin carved by a squirrel that actually looks like one too! Again, there’s really no way for us to tell exactly HOW this guy managed to pull this off, whether that was a pet squirrel or not is still up for debate, but it’s incredible either way.

Even if it is trained that’s ridiculously impressive, but I’ll bet anything it’s just the ghost of Halloween past haunting that poor homeowner with devilish rodents.

Source: pappabuzz.com