Here’s The Real Reason Why Baby Onesies Have Those Envelope Folds On Them

Have you ever seen those little envelope folds on the shoulders on a baby onesie? They seem so common, yet there are many people who have no idea what they are even doing there! Even some moms had no idea about their purpose. Turns out they indeed do serve a specific function. Here’s what the folds usually look like:

Now people have assumed that these folds are in place in order to make it easier for the onesie to go over the baby’s head. That’s really not the true function of the folds though. Turns out, they are put in place for emergency diaper duty!

They are actually used to pull the onesie down to take it off your baby! So rather than go up over the head, and have your baby suffer a pretty gnarly confrontation and potentially messy head and face, the onesie is pulled down using the envelope folds. This avoids the whole diaper mess and potential face encounter scenario! Check out how it actually works and you’ll see how useful these really are:

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