This Is Why Dogs Like To Sit On Your Feet – I Had No Idea!

Dogs are wonderful pets and very loyal. They have a special way of communicating with us that is very unique!


Their actions are often telling of what they are trying to communicate. Here is a list of what it means when they do certain things or perform specific acts.

When He Brings You Gifts

If your dog has dropped something right in your lap for seemingly no reason, have you ever wondered what it means? Is it totally random? Actually a dog is showing off his ability, while wanting to give you a present. Usually the presents he will drop on your lap or at your feet are things that he wants too! Clever dog…


When She Takes Over The Bed

While it’s often annoying having to deal with the “dog sprawl” on your bed, you shouldn’t get down on your dog as they are are simply wanting to be alongside of their pack members. If you are a loving owner, then indeed you are in her club!


When He Sits On Your Feet…

It’s the classic dog sitting at your feet routine. What’s up with that anyway? Turns out he or she is simply marking their territory, and you are now marked as a member of their pack!

There is also the timid dog who will sit at your feet as a form of reassurance that you are there for them.


When She Puts Her Paws In The Air

The classic paw in the air routine! This shows that a dog is concentrating. Almost as if an idea comes to her and they experience that “eureka” moment!


When He Yawns

This is a pretty easy one. Your dog is likely tired, or bored! But, he could also be copying what you do, so if you yawn, he could then yawn too!


When She Trashes Your Couch

Separation anxiety is usually to blame for this. Especially for new puppies as they will engage in this more often than older dogs. A good way to deal with this is to release some of the stored up energy they have by taking them on regular walks.


When He Leans Against Your Leg

Reassurance is usually the reason you dog will lean against your leg. Is everything safe? Do you still love me? He wants affection so give him some good, long petting sessions and some play time.


When She Hunches Over

This is actually a survival instinct which all animals have. Found mostly in abused animals, the act of hunching over is to try to not be recognized or noticed. Show some affection and love to your dog, while being patient and understanding.


When He Stares At You

Your dog trusts you so he stares at you. He is showing affection and love towards you.


Have you experienced your dog do these things? Now you have a better understanding of what they are trying to convey! Share these with all of your dog loving friends and family!