Dad Turns Son’s Wheelchair Into Ghostbusters Car For Halloween

Jeremy Miller is a young boy who just so happens to be a paraplegic, but that’s not something that affects him all too much thanks to the loving efforts of his family. It does take a lot effort to get used to dealing with a child with paraplegia but the Miller’s did it with ease, and as soon as you learn about their Halloween tradition you’ll understand why. Each and every year Jeremy’s father designs and creates these incredible costumes that are all very wheelchair inclusive.

Last year he used it to create a Snow Speeder from Star Wars that even ended up receiving a compliment from Mark Hamill, Skywalker himself! This year is set to turn just as many heads, if not more as the costume for this year is the classic ghostbusters vehicle!Ryan Miller first got the idea when his son had surgery and ended up in a hip spica as a toddler; they decided to use it to their advantage and turned him into Lightning McQueen. The year after that Jeremy was confined to using a walker which was subsequently turned into the Batmobile. He’s even been turned into Captain America riding a motorcycle!

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When asked why he does this every year for Jeremy his father had this to say:

“When he’s out at school and things like that, he has his friends, but sometimes they run and they just leave him behind. Part of the reason we do this is because people come to him, so he’s the center of attention, and he loves it.”

A parent’s love will never cease to amaze you when you sit back and look at the lengths they go through for the happiness of their child.