3 Years After Losing His Wedding Ring, He Finds This Unusual Looking Carrot In His Garden

It was not long after the celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary, that this 82-year-old man living in a tiny German town called Bad Müenstereifel, ended up losing his wedding ring! Not a good thing as the 50th is supposed to represent “golden” and here this guy actually loses his gold! The wife was understanding and was sure that the ring would eventually pop up. But the man was beside himself. All these years with that ring on his finger, and now this, just after the 50th. Indeed he was very upset with himself.

It would be two and a half years later and still, no ring. But even worse, his wife passes away. The importance of the ring was even stronger now. But with so much time gone by, and absolutely no sign of it, things were not looking good. But it turns out, the ring was in fact very close. Right in the backyard, matter of fact!

It would be another six months after his wife had passed away, when something truly bizarre would occur. It was during this time that the veggies needed to be harvested from the garden. But what he ended up harvesting, was his wedding ring!


Somehow the ring had come off his finger while gardening three years ago. It wasn’t apparent as rain ended up burying it deep down into the ground. Eventually the ring got tangled up in growing carrots. Finally one day, a sprouting carrot caught hold of the ring, and up it came! The carrot basically grew right through it!


The man naturally was blown away. He thought of the classic saying, “You reap what you sow!” How true.

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Source: pappabuzz.com