14 Reasons Why You Should Be Dating A Bald Man. Number 6 Made Me Think Twice.

Some women do not like bald men and others do! Well if you are on the fence here are 14 good reasons as to why you should be dating a bald man!

1 – They are made of steel!

2 – They are models!

3 – You will never find hair in the shower drain 🙂

4 – They have smiles that would melt you.

5 – The baldness makes their gaze a lot more intense

6 – They never have to go to the hairdressers!

7 – They generally have hot bodies!

8 – They are going to go bald either way! Might as well get an early start..

9 – They pull of hats really well!

10 – They age better!

11 – They can pull of glasses..

12 – They are…. Bruce Willis! ( Am I the only fan? )

13 – They won’t spend 3 hours hogging the bathroom washing their hair!

14 – Bald heads are really soft!

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