12 Photos Of Dogs Before And After They Were Adopted From A Shelter

If you have ever walked through a dog shelter, no doubt you have seen very familiar expressions on dogs like the “before” photos below. Sullen, ears down, confused and yearning for touch. This doesn’t take into account the history they may have had with bad owners or life on the streets before they reached the shelter.

All of that history, and now the stark reality of being caged up truly does take its toll and these expressions really say it all. But when these dogs are adopted, something happens. The ears perk up, the tails wag, and they are incredibly happy canines!

Check out these amazing before and afters as their transformations are truly incredible!

They go from being shy and confused, to incredibly happy.


Trust is quickly developed as they relish in their lovingly new situation.


They roughed it together at the shelter, and then they got adopted together. As you can see, they couldn’t be happier!


Once shy and tepid, now they are comfortable and relaxed in their new home.


No more sad eyes for these dogs. This little dog now looks forward to romping around and running free in the dog park!


The smile really does speak volumes! Once very shy and a bit nervous around people, he is now happy and totally trusting!


The eyes transformed into bright and cheerful!

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This wonderful pup found a great place to call her forever home!


Once very scruffy and not too happy, he is now a handsome and happy dog who loves to explore!


From defensive and sad to perky and happy!


Once a frightened pup, now a brave fashionista has flourished!


While starting out as a very scrawny doggy, he is now totally healthy and extremely photogenic!


As you can see, the transformations are really incredible. There are so many dogs out there just waiting to experience this same joy. You can see how important it is to get your dog from a shelter or rescue. They truly do appreciate it as these before and after pics reveal!

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Source: pappabuzz.com